Monday, September 23, 2019

Singh-ing His Praise

When it came time to go for the dog walk yesterday morning, it was still raining and I did not want to go. But I went. Even wet, nature is beautiful and appealing when it’s warm. I put Sheba’s coat on her; making the effort earned us our day by the fire.
The average rainfall for September here is 68 mms; we’ve had 111 already and we’ve a week more to go.
I was impressed by Jagmeet Singh’s response to Trudeau’s commitment to talk together about Trudeau’s blackface/brownface incidents. He said, essentially, that he did not want to be a pawn in Trudeau’s ploy to regain public respect and political power. I think the election has been a good thing for Mr. Singh; it has given him a platform and I’ve been impressed by him often. I thought he was a poor choice as a leader, but I knew nothing about him. Now, I feel I have a sense of the man. 
The sad thing is that his, and Elizabeth May’s candidacies are hopeless in terms of forming a government, so they, it seems to me, can talk far more honestly and bravely when it comes to platform statements on social and economic policies.
Scheer, I won’t even think about. Trudeau makes me wonder who is pulling his strings. I’m glad, whomever they are, that they’re proposing a ban on assault weapons. I watched W% last night and saw interviews with gun advocates. It’s disgusting and appalling to hear them advocate for these weapons. Who, the fuck, are these people? 
It’s raining of course. Tomorrow’s supposed to be nice; I dearly hope it is. I’m sick of rain; we keep waiting for … no one knows what to call it any more … “Indian” summer. 
I have absolutely no idea what I’ll do today, but I love days like today. It’ll pass easily. I’ll light a fire and …

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