Thursday, August 31, 2017


Leon’s become fragile. He’s thin and today I saw a lump on his side. I’ve never known such a bond or such deep affection. He is truly my soul mate. He chose me. I thank God he did.
A son-of-a-bitch joke sent by a friend:
Mother: “Susie. Do you think mommy is a good mummy?”
Daughter: “My name is Amy.”
I disbanded the Wholesters today. When my signing courses start, I won’t have the time for our excursions… and then I’ll be moving.
I already established that my chocolate and fennel saucisson sec suppliers both ship to BC address but yesterday I discovered my marijuana supplier does as well. And I think Amazon and Skype will be my new best friends.
Yesterday I saw Robin and she said: “Dwight told me you’re serious about moving!” I liked hearing it. It’s slowly becoming a reality and so, by the time I actually move, it’ll feel very comfortable I think.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Boiling Hot!

Yesterday was just brutal. It was 29° and with the humidity factored in, it was 35°. I left home to see Dr. Shoja at 8:15 am and I took the bus. Even so, I arrived dripping in sweat. I bussed home and stayed put. I kept cool water in the bathtub so that I could cool down whenever I wanted.
Today, thank God, is cooler. And there’s “wind;” well perhaps not wind but there is movement in the air. And there are clouds — lots of them. Bless those clouds. Both today and tomorrow are supposed to be cooler and then it’s back to temperatures in the thirties again for a week. Meanwhile in Houston, they’ve had more rain in four days than we get in a year!
Today’s a good day. My speech has been much better for three days. Everybody around me is noticing and I believe it’s due to my new “rules” for living. So does Dr. S. And if we are right we have every reason to believe my move will have a huge positive effect on my condition and speech.
I think Rob and I are done. I’m a bit sad; I miss him. It’s been two months. But the move was going to end it anyway. Lose a handsome, sexy boy toy … and gain a dog.
Beth and I have been friends forever. Her move to Toronto an infinity ago did not put a dent in our rapport. I read her blog; she read mine (Hello Beth!) and so we’ve rarely talked on the phone. We email. But the other day I video-phoned her and its clear to me that video-phoning’s going to be a big part of my life on the Island.
I’ve been doing it with Steve, my ex, since we’ve had the technology. It’s thrilling for me still to be able to see changes to his garden and home and to see him in various places around LA via Facetime or Skype.

This unfortunate creation is a wedding cake.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Feeling Good!

It’s really hot again and it’s supposed to stay this way all week. It’s like a second summer. Yesterday I walked to the Sailing Club my Dad and Sam Sullivan started on Spanish Banks and had some fish and chips.
The photo above is us: Me and the fish and chips. I’ve decided to learn how to do the selfie thing so I can report on my relocating adventure.
After one day alone yesterday, I awoke this morning able to speak on the phone. I haven’t been able to do that for three months. (And now I know what room my sign language classes are in.)
Today I am going to walk the old railway line to south Vancouver. It’s so exciting that this line has been torn up. It’s created the best north-south pedestrian/bicycle path.
And oh my God:  Oyama does mail order service! I can get my fennel saucisson sec via the post. God exists.