Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Totally Finished!

Finally … it’s finished.
A spurt of energy and confidence had me add the feet to the defiant dress Monday morning and when I was done — it only took a couple of minutes — I felt like God’s favourite child. I was terribly happy with the feet; they closed the gap between the top and bottom pieces perfectly and aligned the bottom pieces.
Tuesday I put on the buckles. They make the whole thing “jump!” These final little details add so, so much to my pieces. Now you get the idea more clearly that this is armour to be worn. When the piece is installed in a theatre or gallery I’ll add electric candles inside so that soft light glows though the carved out words and illuminates the shells.
I showed the defiant dress photos to Dr. Shoja and her response was: “This one is so much different than the others.” She could not have said smarter, more fulfilling words. She saw exactly what I want my audience to see.
I was supposed to start seeing Dr. Shoja semi-monthly for eight months starting in September but today she invited me to continue going weekly for another whole year! The relief I felt hit me like a tsunami.

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