Sunday, August 27, 2017

Pink Palace

The photos above are from the Farmer’s Market, two blocks from my house every Saturday morning. I met Cathy there and we did our shopping. The close up is of the tomatoes Cathy bought. I hope you can see the textures. The others are the choices, with Cathy perusing, and the wild flowers they were selling.
I continue to meet with friends and important support people in my life (medical and financial) to talk about my potential move. What’s nice is that everyone knowledgeable says that condo prices in Vancouver are at their highest ever and that my place will sell quickly. That will make buying subject to selling easier. And there’s a glut of possibilities for sale right now, any one of which could make me happy.
One of my favourite gay friends, Kelly, lives in Comox and her brother (also gay) lives nearby. And Jane & Dana and Nicky & Phillip live not far away in Qualicum.
One place I have found in Comox is stunning. It backs onto farmland so there’s an unparalleled tranquil view out the “family room” and “sunroom” that I’d combine as my studio. And it’s pink. Look at it! This is cheaper than my 700 sq. ft. condo here in Vancouver.

The view from the sunroom that I'd use as a studio.

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