Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Holy Jesus it was hot here last night. I spent the evening prior to bed not moving between cool showers. Today is cooler, thank goodness.
Yesterday began with a liver ultrasound at 9:00 am, then Dr. Shoja at 10:00 and then Sue, my respirologist, at noon and finally Del Dorscheid, my asthma doctor (whom I love), at 1:00 pm. Mr. One-thing-a-day came home feeling totally beat but if I move long-distance, a day like today will happen every three months.
I’m selling my beloved place; I’ve got to get out of the chaos of downtown so I wrote to my realtor to help me think through where to go — plus I’m consulting with friends. I’m having dinner with John and Bunny on Saturday to talk with them more formally about using their basement suite when I come to stay in town.
I’m also talked to my fish, chocolate and marijuana suppliers and verified that they can ship their product to me. However, I plan to come to town regularly for medical appointments and to get craft supplies so I can get things I need then.
The point of moving is to buy land on which I can garden (in privacy) and exercise a dog. The thought of growing my own vegetables and lots of them and lots of varieties is extraordinarily appealing.
Leon will thrive in a yard; and a both of us will love expanding our family with a canine brother and a fireplace. We don’t have many years left. I want us to really enjoy them.
The ultrasound was super interesting but her fascination with one spot made me apprehensive. My poor liver has been processing my HIV medications, which is essentially mild chemo, for twenty years. Now I wait. If I get no call in the next day or two, I’m in the clear.
Although I wrote to Rachel about my script on Monday morning (early) I’ve still had no answer.
I learned how to sign the alphabet so I’m prepared for my signing class that starts in two weeks. I’m a little worried that we may be called upon to speak. I’m quite proficient at signing my first name. In fact it’s ideal for signing; the signs for the letters of my first name flow fluidly.
I love in a multi-ethnic city. There’s a huge Asian and South Asian population here. There are also a large number of Pilipino and Latino people here but it seems to me virtually all the numerous homeless people are Caucasian.
Oh oh. I’ve discovered jam. How did I go through life without jam? I only discovered mayonnaise about six years ago. Now it’s (strawberry) jam. Toast and jam is my new sex. It’s not like I haven’t had it before; I’ve had it in restaurants but I’ve not bought any for at home since probably my twenties and I forgot how good it can be.

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