Tuesday, August 8, 2017

This Week?

Sort of out of the blue, Rachel at the Arts Club called me and asked for my script. A mutual friend had said she would recommend my project; still, Rachel’s email came as a surprise. She said she needed my script by June 19 and that I’d hear back by the end of the June. Then, at the beginning of July, she wrote again to say that the decision-making meetings were delayed until July 10.
I’m still waiting to hear and every Monday I think: Okay… It’ll be this week. And every Friday I think: Oh no, I’ll get a rejection today.
As each week of August arrives I think: Surely this week. Soon they’ll have to be printing their season opening advertising and marketing materials and they’ll have to know their new play series titles.
The biggest reason I want to know is so that I can decide what to do with my dresses. If the Arts Club says yes, I will keep them in my place until January when the reading happens and then I will take them to John’s to store them there. The they say no… well then I have some really challenging decisions to make.
My choices seem to be working with Colin to take the script as far as I can and producing it myself, finding a producing partner or abandoning the script altogether and staging an exhibition.
Fact: If the Arts Club were to take my show into production, I’d make good coin. I’d likely earn three times what it cost me to make the dresses and I’d be set (financially) to embark on another project.

This is an iced cookie. The design is from a Japanese
print. The baking is by a genius.

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