Friday, August 25, 2017

The PNE and a Cloudy Day

Thursday began with a joy hangover. Rachel’s enthusiasm for my dress really uplifted me. At the very least, the script I’ve created is a strong contender for the Arts Club’s consideration. Thanks to Caryn, I’m closer than ever to the greatest ambition of my life. That’s pretty cool. (But I won’t die if I fail.)
I take it from her email that I am not ReACT bound: “ReACT is generally reserved for plays we commissioned or are already en route to production with us.” So you have to earn your way into that series. She adds: “But play development happens year round here.  ReACT is only one opportunity of many for us to hear plays read aloud.”
So I’m going to stop hoping for specific objectives and go along for the ride. Besides, I have another project on the go: Moving.
Yesterday I walked to the PNE and met Dianne. We had lots of fun checking out the gadget building and the barns, sitting in the shade and eating mini donuts. I had a minor meltdown and came home so tired that I went to bed at 8:30.
Today is cloudy. It’s shocking.
I’ve a meeting this afternoon with my financial advisor about the move. I’m going to set up bridge financing to have it handy if I need it. And yes, I’ve had my doubts. But today I found some really and affordable lovely places in Langford —a spit away from Victoria and fast ferry and air services to Vancouver.
I’m just killing time here. There’s little joy in my life except Leon. A yard, a dog, a garden and a fireplace will be good company for the ghost years.

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