Friday, August 4, 2017

Pride Starts Tonight

It’s Friday: Oh No day. The Arts Club has had my play in their hands since June 19 and I’ve been nervous every Friday ever since because the convention in business is to deliver bad news late Friday afternoon.
Today is also the beginning of Pride weekend and the street outside my place becomes a huge street party tonight. It’s a fun night to be at home but to feel part of the festivities. Sunday is the Pride parade — the biggest, best outdoor party of every year in Vancouver.
My proximity to the party makes my bathroom popular with friends; I’ll be likely seeing Steve and his posse on-and-off tonight. I’ll be watching a two-hour finale of The Great British Baking Show and putting finishing touches on the fortune cookie dress.
This afternoon my plan is to enjoy a nice walk to visit Bruce. After a break of two days I’m keen to see him.
The smoke in the air is really thick today. I hate it. It’s like a summer version of fog stealing the sunniest days of the year.

This is a whale's heart!

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