Saturday, October 23, 2021

International Stuttering Awareness Day

So, International Stuttering Awareness Day went by very gently. I went dog walking with my little group. It was dry and warm but overcast. We all were in great spirits—dogs and humans.

I did naught all day. I just chilled and napped, really. I accomplished so much on Thursday that all I wanted to do yesterday was chill. But then came the evening and dinner at Stacy’s with Rod and Di, Kris and Steve, and what a great, great night it was! It’s been a wonderful experience, moving here where I knew no one and slowly making many new friends.

Today is wet and dark. It’s an excellent day to just chill at home with the pets, a good book, all in the heat of a roaring fire. Tomorrow I have two Zoom sessions, one with friends and the other with stuttering friends, and all that talking will exhaust me, so I have a good excuse to idle my day away.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Busy Thursday

This is the cake I made for Stacy’s party. I’ll add candles because it’s Rod’s birthday. It’s a Carrot cake and those are crushed Walnuts on the side. On top of the cream cheese dressing are some white chocolate leaves that I made. I can hardly wait to eat a (small) piece tomorrow night.

Today is International Stuttering Awareness Day.

Yesterday was one busy day. The walks, washing all the bedding from three bedrooms, baking the cake and icing it (a disaster: the icing was too warm, not the cake). I vacuumed the entire house, keept the fire going, cleaned the toilets, and did some pruning of the Hydrangeas and Grape Vines and I put all the detritus into the composter. 

I put the sloppily icing cake and the balance of the icing into the fridge, hoping like mad that cooling everything would allow me to ice the cake decently. I felt like I was on the Great British Baking Show, as I went into rescue mode. But no one saw my panic.

By the time I finished all my chores, including making all the beds, I was beat. It was, however, time for our second walk together, and Sheba was keen. And after that, my rescue strategy proved to be a noble solution. Phew! It may be the last time I bake a Carrot Cake. I’m such a whiz with chocolate; I should stick to my strengths.

Once the cake was in the fridge, it was time to clean up all the mess I’d made cooking it and crushing all the Walnuts. By then, it was 4:00 and I’d been working all day. Once the clean-up was done, reclining on the chaise, and starting a new book was the ideal reward.

After a week of no weight loss, I’m hoping to see some reward for my self-restraint this coming weekend. I’ve been very careful about what I eat and how much I eat, and I can see/feel the benefit already. But numbers say it all. Tonight, I’m going to a party where the hostess exceeds with canap├ęs and I’m bringing the cake. I’ll be prudent but eating with friends always leads to more calories than when I’m alone. But hey, I’m making slow and steady progress and that’s good enough for me. The best part is that I’m enjoying this change and remain convinced I won’t put the weight back on. This is permanent, baby! 

Thursday, October 21, 2021

I Read; I Bake

I love these arm choreographies. I’ve seen many on YouTube, but this one is the best I’ve seen.

It's part of the ceremonies of the Paralympic Games.

I went to the restaurant to meet Anette Tuesday night as planned, and when I got there, she was outside waiting for me because the restaurant was closed to in-house eating. Instead, we went last night, and it was wonderful to have delicious food that I didn’t cook. And Anette is great company; she is Regina’s sister. Regina is the kingpin of our three-times-a-week dog walking group whom I adore.

Yesterday I finished Abraham Verghese’s book and absolutely loved it. Today, I walked her Highness and then came home to make a carrot cake to take to Stacy’s tomorrow night where we will celebrate Rod’s birthday. Rod is a lovely man who’s rather infirm and the husband of Di, another member of our small dog-walking group. She’s also the sister of Lynn, who was a childhood friend.

I was worried I’d fail with the cake. A major wind storm was predicted, and it is windy today, but it is a mild wind we’re getting. I was sure the power would fail today, so I rushed to do the baking before it got worse. But I think the worst of the storm moved south. We’ve not even had any rain.

Our walk was positively divine! It is 15° today and the forest is mighty fragrant. This mild weather of late is a godsend. I love walking when Autumn is this mild and gentle.

Work is proceeding apace with Merrill’s and Leo’s home. They appear to be on course to complete the house at the end of January, and that thrills me. I miss and love them. Leo, however, is coming here on Monday or Tuesday for a visit, and to check up on the progress on the house.

It's a topiary cat!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Page Turning

Yesterday was sunny all day, so our walks were joyful. It’s sunny again today and there are lots of chores that need doing in the yard, but I’d rather be reading. I’ll see how things go.

As I wait for more Louise Penny books to arrive, I’m reading My Own Country by Abraham Verghese, the man who wrote a favourite book: Cutting for Stone. It’s a great read about his doctoring. He ran an HIV clinic in rural Virginia and he’s as good a writer as he is a doctor.

Other than that, I have naught to report. Life is just one page turn after another. However, tonight I dine with Annette. It’ll be my first experience eating in the Woodfire restaurant.