Saturday, September 30, 2023

Plumbing With François

Friday was cool but bright and sunny. It was 9° when I left to go to the bank to delve further into my home insurance options. What hell it is, getting insurance and living by their rules. We are negotiating about my use of wood for heat.

François came by in the early afternoon to see if he could help me fix a leaking kitchen faucet. The leak has soaked the wood underneath the counter. Sigh. I feel like I am burning money: the splitter, the gardener, and now this leak. But all I had to do was pay for the parts. François, bless his handsome Franco-Canadien head, fixed it. I have a nice new fancy faucet that I love. And it doesn’t leak.

Work is progressing on securing home insurance. Things are looking up, but man-oh-man do I dislike the insurance industry. I was asked about replacing the hot water heater in the studio that I never ever use. It was installed to serve and outdoor shower, but I don’t want to pay to keep hot water at the ready for an outdoor shower. I have never once had it on. They also are limiting me to 2.5 cords of wood per year, maximum. I love my fires, though, but I am trying out not having one during the day. Just in the morning and, if necessary, at night.

In the evening, I was spent a lot of time parsing what I was feeling as I reflected on the help François gave me today. I posted for help with finding a plumber, and he wrote asking what I wanted done. and Ron walks Sheba every day, and Pete rebuilt my deck, Alie painted it (with me). Kris makes telephone calls for me, found CAYA and my devices, and as of Thursday, she got me contacts at my bank because I have a lot of difficulty speaking on the phone to get help with my account. 

But, as I was saying, I have no idea what to name what I was feeling. I’m intensely feeling something, but I can’t say that I know what to call it. People say: It moves me. It sure does! And it thrills me to be able to live here knowing that there is help available. I took on a lot when I bought this house and I added to my load by building so many gardens. My friends and my wonderful gardener have unburdened me.

When François came here today, he stopped to walk around the yard, sincerely complimenting me on my work. I, of course, told him about Bronwyn’s recent work. But, payoff baby!

Today is another brilliant day. Rain is not due back until Monday. We’re in for a lovely weekend and I have very, very little to do. I’m very glad of that. I’m looking forward to relaxing. I have found the negotiations with the insurer to be very trying. I was angry to find my lifestyle threatened by limits on fires and grossly unnecessary expenses imposed. And there’ve been eye appointments and travel and it wears me out. I’m really looking forward to two days of reading, walking and enjoying spas. 

Friday, September 29, 2023

Big Island Day; Splitter Bought

Thursday began under dark skies over a saturated landscape. I decided to start the day with a lovely long soak in the spa, before getting a mid-morning start on our trip to Nanaimo, and as I emerged from the tub, the sky was clearing. We enjoyed a lovely day of sunshine in Nanaimo.

I went shopping for some domestic staples first, and then I went to the nursery for more plants before having sushi at my favourite sushi place in Nanaimo, and then I went to Canadian tire and bought the splitter that neighbour Dave suggested we purchase. Now it needs to be assembled, but soon I’ll be easily able to split wood for the fire.

As for my eyes, I am already to go. All the measuring is done and all the forms are signed, so now I just wait for a call from Nanaimo hospital with a date for my surgery. I can hardly wait, but I'll have to wait and likely for five-to-eight months. But now that the infection in my eyes is gone and the lens of my right eye has been cleaned, I am no longer seeing double. 

It was a day of chaos with the ferries, but I just timed things perfectly. As I departed, the second ferry came back into service after being sidelined by an engine problem, and when I came home, the wait was just a few minutes. The cats were overjoyed to see us come home; there was a feeding frenzy immediately—even for me! I had an early dinner and went to bed really early because I was pooped from my day on the big island.

Today is another beauty of a day. I have an appointment with the home insurers at 10:00, after which, I’ll do some grocery shopping before coming home to do some gardening and to move my outdoor furniture into the shed for the Winter.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Startling Progress

Holy shit. That’s what I said when I did a quick word check of Monologue 2. It’s at 1,200 words in rhyme. Like I said: I love writing verse, so I’ve been at it. Monologue 1 is only 1,800 words. So, I’m going to carry on and do the whole story in rhyme, and then I’ll cut it down to 1,800 words. But I’m going to have it done far, far sooner than I first thought.

What scares me, about moving so fast, is that it has me soon to decide if I want to try to memorize it. If it’s good, I will. I reckon I’ll ask some friends over and read them part two to see what they think. They all have just seen part one and loved it, so it’s easy to ask, is it as good, better or worse? Plus, I can ask what works best and what is weak. Moving this quickly means applying to the Fringe for next year a possibility. If you’re in the Fringe, you can make good money, and I think my story will attract the media and I could get some good coverage—free marketing. 

I’m not surprised by how quickly this has gone. It’s my own history and a story everyone knows about me, but not in rhyme. And, as I wrote before, there’s the strong thread of language in the two stories. I wrote about the plot of Monologue 2 in my play that became a screenplay (that never got produced). I know the salient points. 

And when there’s something in my head, like another monologue, it’s going to be a big part of my diary for the next year or more.

I’m off to Nanaimo with Her Highness today and there are complications due to one ferry not working due to a shortage of staff.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

A Great Financial Break

Monday was an extremely slow day. I was glad of the time to chill after the Saturday night dinner party and going to Kris and Steve’s on Sunday night. It rained all morning. In the afternoon the rain stopped but everything was soaking wet, but Her Highness and I got to play ball in the park, and then I came home, got comfy on the chaise, and watched a movie. I normally would never do that during the day, but I’m in adjustment to the spending days indoors.

Then, all I did in the evening was work on monologue 2. I’ve got a couple of good bits in what I’ve written so far. As time passes, however, there will be lots and lots of revision. It’ll take months to get a completed first draft done. What fun for me!

Monday was my six-month anniversary of my changing from eating meals to becoming a grazer as my solution to treating acid reflux. It’s been a very successful strategy; not only have I not needed any Gaviscon, I lost enough weight to return to wearing all the skinny clothes I’d not worn for years and years. I’m thrilled to be freed from my addiction to baked goods and to be wearing colourful clothes again. The best part is my conviction that I will not regain the weight. 

Tuesday dawned dark and damp, but I had lots of domestic chores to occupy me. By 10:30 I was done and happily, the sun came out, so I got into the spa, and oh how I love doing that. The sunshine didn’t last, but just before it disappeared a Cooper’s Hawk landed on my feeder. It was resplendent in the sunshine. What magnificent raptors they are!

At 2:00, I had an appointment at Coast Capital, here on the island, to get a quote on home insurance, and instead of dreading it, I went stoked because I was fully prepared with messages on both my Boogie Board and on my iPad in the speech generating software. It was an awesome meeting. My CAYA devices have thoroughly changed my relationship with Strangers for the better. I was totally chuffed using them yesterday.

Kris, the woman who connected me with CAYA, is the gift who keeps on giving. It was Kris who lined me up with Lynn at Coastal Credit Union, here on the island. Their quote for my annual home insurance is half of what the company I’ve been with for the past six years was charging me. I was ecstatic to get an affordable premium. I can hardly wait to tell the old company good-bye! Life is good!

Yesterday afternoon I saw a short clip on YouTube of Olivia Coleman (a favourite actor) and Ebon Moss-Bachrach and I was intrigued. The clip was from The Bear that is streaming on Disney+, so last night I subscribed (just for a month) to watch the series. I usually can’t stand TV series for very long, but this show is only two seasons long at present. I can handle that.

I really like the show. It is harsh and rough, but it’s about a divey restaurant in a tough part of New York City where thugs hang around outside the eatery. But the acting is great, and I’m hooked. I particularly like watching Jeremy Allen White in the lead role and the writing.

It is a wet, wet, wet morning, but beginning tomorrow afternoon, and through to Sunday, sunshine is predicted. I’ll be busy in the yard on those sunny days, and tomorrow I go back to Nanaimo for another appointment with my eye guy, plus I’ll be returning to the nursery, the sushi shop, and maybe picking up my new wood splitter.