Sunday, September 10, 2023

Monologue Ahead

It’s astonishing to see how much can be accomplished by hiring a gardener. I get so much pleasure from this yard, making it look great is an investment in my state of soul. I justify it by thinking that it inflates the value of my home and likelihood to sell quickly. But I have no intent to sell. I’m doing all this work now so I can enjoy it for as many years as I can stay here. It also lessens the likelihood of getting another attack of sciatica.

I want to lay the irrigation system while everything is visible. That way, it’ll be sure to cover all the plants in the garden when I start depending on the system next year. I’m a gentleman gardener now.

Running my lines is happening a couple of times every day. I feel confident, but anything could happen in front of a large live audience. I am making a crib sheet for security purposes. I am going to ad lib something before I deliver my monologue. It’s funny, but when I actually want to stutter so that the audience hears how bad my speech is, and so I worry it won’t be there.

I feel I need to prepare for 3 different possible opening remarks before I start. Speaking fluently is one possibility. I can’t imagine that happening, but it could. But it’d ruin my monologue. I’d feel obligated to address my fluency as a problem in terms of my monologue, and I’d want the audience to know that this was a first in 7 years.

I could have a moderate stutter. That would make me happy. They’d hear my reality, and my speech would include telling them that I never know how it’s going to go when I open my mouth. I’ve a good opening improv to do. Or I could have a bad stutter. If it’s very bad, then I’ll just say a few sentences and then I plan on using my new iPad to speak for me. I’d love for this to happen, theatrically speaking.

It's a significant thing, this monologue. I’ll never be doing this again. This will be the final scene of a script that took 71 years to write. I remember, fondly and frequently, that wonderful moment when our car rose over the hump in the driveway, and I saw what I knew was a garage. But what I saw was a theatre with a wooden curtain on hinges. I was the Summer when I was five, and now I end in the Summer of my 75th year.

A great many choices during my life came from knowledge derived from past experiences; now I’m making choices by what’s ahead. I’ve to re-do my will and figure out what to do about an executor.

As I’ve experiences in life PB (post Bronwyn) so far, have me now reading and having meals in the garden or on the deck. I can honestly say that I never used the garden much for relaxation. There were always things to do. I like using it more for leisure. I really like it with the radio and a book and tables with chairs in different locations. It’s really very, very nice.

I named this place Pinecone Park. The full name is Pinecone Park and Spa. That’s what it says on the life ring that’s on the shed and facing the driveway for all to see. Now I have a tranquility garden (and not a garden needing attention) and the hot tub. How great is that!

The local drama society has calls for one-act scripts, I’m thinkin’ I might see what I can do. I love writing dialogue. I’m thinking I might write something (that I might call Island) about a young couple that move to an island. 

It's another stunning late Summer day today, and it's going to be another slow day. I may go to the nursery to get some more plants. I'll do some watering and a lot of reading out in the garden with some fruit and cheese and, of course, my dependence, Diet Coke.

I totally ace my monologue now. I’m almost excited about doing the shows. I have no fear, no anxiety at all about doing it. Woo hoo! 

I think this is an AI generated image, but I'd love
to experience a room like this (but not having to water it).

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