Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Almost Rain

Monday dawned clear and bright, but cool. It was 9°.

The day began with a walk with our friends in the refreshing air. And then I went into the village to pick up a form from the medical clinic that gives me a free ferry trip tomorrow on the ferry when I go in for my first appointment that will lead to my cataract surgeries. And then I came home to enjoy a calm slow day with the pets.

I’d so thoroughly watered the gardens on Sunday, I had the entire day to myself yesterday, to read, and do some gardening.

Today began with a surprise: it’s raining. Well, not exactly raining. It’s more like the clouds have a small leak. It’s fine drops of mist really, but it’s going to give me another day off from watering I reckon, and that’s great news for a guy who loves doing nothing. Tomorrow is a busy day, so another calm slow day is perfect. Tomorrow, I go to Nanaimo for my first appointment with the eye surgeon who will be doing my cataract surgeries.

I have started writing a second monologue to go with my first one. It’s something to do. I believe I have a good partner piece in mind. Time will tell. I love writing and I love the thought of more rhyming text, so I’m enthusiastic. Writing and reading will fill up my Winter.

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