Friday, September 1, 2023

The Court

Wednesday began with Sheba and I taking a short walk. She did quite well and then, when we came home, she destroyed another foot. I just don’t get it, but I am a very attentive parent, so we will win this battle as we have with all the others.

She came with me when I went to GIRO to donate more things I don’t want, and we did some food shopping and then I came home to read and await a call from my HIV doctor. After that, just reading, eating and going to bed. A dull but happy day.

When I was in my late thirties, I took my dogs, Bela and Spike, for a walk under the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver. It is First Nations land there, and there are no rules about leaches, and there was hardly ever anyone else there when I walked. But one day, there was a couple there who were older and very finely dressed.

Bela had dreadlocks and so when she got close to them, they freaked out and started shouting at me to get my dog away from their cherished miniature Poodle, that they held aloft to keep safe even though Bela had no interest in them. I responded to them assuring them that my dogs were safe, and then suddenly I saw poor blind Spikey flying through the air. The gentleman had booted him, so I let them know how inhumane and angry I was.

The gentleman demanded I leach Bela, and the woman said, “There’s always trouble with people like you.” I asked her what she meant, and she used the phrase again in her reply. I told them they were out of line, called my dogs, and headed off to lunch with my dogs in the car, and when I got back to work, there were 2 cops waiting for me and I was arrested and charged with assault. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. The woman told the cops that I forcibly grabbed her, spun her around and slapped her across the face. I had not even been close to her.

The point of this story is that when my day in court came, I went down to the courthouse and I did not know where to go, so I asked a volunteer in the lobby of the courthouse who manned a booth for people with questions. I asked her how to know where to go and she asked me why I was there. I told her and she then asked me if I had a lawyer. I said I didn’t, and she asked me why.

“Because I’m innocent,” I said, and she was instantly wonderfully kind and helpful. She quickly somehow found me a lawyer who was willing to speak for me when I was arraigned, and he led me thought the process, getting a delay after explaining my naivete. That eventually led me to getting myself a lawyer who succeeded in not only getting me found innocent, but the judge apologized to me for my suffering and shamed the elderly couple who did not even come to the hearing or trial.

I recalled all this as I watched a 2-hour documentary that was entirely made up of clips of actual footage from a courthouse that deals exclusively with families charged with offences against their own children. It was insightful about the process of law and very, very interesting. It was also often painful to watch, given that I was given up my birth mother and abandoned by my birth father. It was a great documentary about a process about which most of us have no knowledge or experience. 

Bronwyn arrived at noon with Amanda, her helper and they began working on the garden. It feels very, very good to have them doing the work. I have confidence in them, and I love having two lovely young women here at Pinecone Park. I hate spending money, but I am very happy to have a professional managing my garden. I’ve basically given Bronwyn carte blanche. She can do whatever she wants, but I’ve kind of explained my ambition and I think she understands what I want done.

This week is ending with an exciting 2 days. Bronwyn and Amanda yesterday, and Jan today. Jan is coming to train me on my new communication devices, and the timing is perfect because speech is very challenging right now. And Bronwyn and Amanda are back again today, as well, carrying on with the mulching, transplanting and pruning.

When they left, I was quick to slip into the spa. It was a beautiful afternoon. It was 23° and bright and sunny, and this wonderful weather is due to last through today and tomorrow. Rain is predicted for Sunday, and I am very, very good with that. It’s been fabulous to not have to water the gardens for 2 hours every day.

It’s another gorgeous day and I can hardly wait for Jan to arrive. I am very excited about learning how to use all my devices, and heaven knows that I need them. 

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