Friday, September 29, 2023

Big Island Day; Splitter Bought

Thursday began under dark skies over a saturated landscape. I decided to start the day with a lovely long soak in the spa, before getting a mid-morning start on our trip to Nanaimo, and as I emerged from the tub, the sky was clearing. We enjoyed a lovely day of sunshine in Nanaimo.

I went shopping for some domestic staples first, and then I went to the nursery for more plants before having sushi at my favourite sushi place in Nanaimo, and then I went to Canadian tire and bought the splitter that neighbour Dave suggested we purchase. Now it needs to be assembled, but soon I’ll be easily able to split wood for the fire.

As for my eyes, I am already to go. All the measuring is done and all the forms are signed, so now I just wait for a call from Nanaimo hospital with a date for my surgery. I can hardly wait, but I'll have to wait and likely for five-to-eight months. But now that the infection in my eyes is gone and the lens of my right eye has been cleaned, I am no longer seeing double. 

It was a day of chaos with the ferries, but I just timed things perfectly. As I departed, the second ferry came back into service after being sidelined by an engine problem, and when I came home, the wait was just a few minutes. The cats were overjoyed to see us come home; there was a feeding frenzy immediately—even for me! I had an early dinner and went to bed really early because I was pooped from my day on the big island.

Today is another beauty of a day. I have an appointment with the home insurers at 10:00, after which, I’ll do some grocery shopping before coming home to do some gardening and to move my outdoor furniture into the shed for the Winter.

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