Thursday, September 21, 2023

Monologue Video

Click here see a video of my monologue.
Filmed at the Victoria Monologue Festival by Kirk Schwartz.

It poured Tuesday night, and come Sunday, we’re expecting several days of rain. The wet season is coming back. I am very happy for my gardens and to think that the days of endless watering are done.

Her Highness and I left yesterday morning at 10:30 for Nanaimo to do some shopping and go to the eye clinic. We departed under brilliant skies and thankful for my new communication devices. I’d been through the cataract procedure before so I knew that there would be a lot of sitting in the waiting room. But things moved much more quickly than last time.

I’m going back in a week for measurements for my new lens and I’ll be paying extra again to correct my astigmatism in my left eye, so I’m very excited about how good my vision will be when the new lens goes in. I have no idea when that will be, but I’m on the waiting list at Nanaimo General now.

Much to my delight, the lasering of the lens in my right eye is done. He did it yesterday, and for the remainder of the day, my right eye felt very weird. It feels normal today.

Prior to going to the eye clinic, I went shopping for food and I loaded up on Diet Coke because I found some. There’s been a strike on for quite a while that meant there has been none of my favourite drink available for quite a while. Now, however, I have a good stash of my addiction in my shed. And … I bought a lot of plants for Bronwyn to plant today when she comes. Yippee. More plants. 

When I left the doctor’s and drove to the ferry terminal. A ferry was waiting, and we were onboard in no time at all. I was glad to return home and to relax because today I will be busy baking today. My neighbours, Ursula and Dave, their daughter Sarah, and Sarah’s husband Grey are coming for dinner on Saturday.

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