Saturday, September 23, 2023

Dinner Tonight

Pete came over yesterday and did some work on my deck. He replaced two boards, bless him. I sat and chatted with him while he worked. It was like June again when we were working on the big renovation of the deck. He is a great guy, my neighbour Pete.

The bulk of my day, though, was cooking. I made a delicious salsa to go with the tuna steaks, the pasta sauce (salmon, capers, spinach, cream, onions and cheese), and I prepped the broccoli, blanching it in hot water for a bit so that it is quick to cook in the frying pay tonight. By two o’clock I was beat, so I had a spa and a nap to refresh myself. I loved the spa and the warmth of the sun on my face. I will miss ol’ sol during this wet week.

They were wrong, the weather gurus. This morning has dawned bright and clear with nary a cloud in the sky. The atmospheric river is still predicted for earTuesday, but it looks like we’ve been spared the super wet weather for the weekend.

I’ve cleaning and tidying to do today, and I will put my garden furniture to bed in the studio for the Winter. Tonight, my neighbours come for dinner, and I can hardly wait to eat. I love every dish that I’m serving. And tomorrow, I go to Kris and Steve’s for another dinner that I haven’t cooked and there’ll be no dishes for me to wash.

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