Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Dull Days

Another day began with disappointment: the new iPad has not arrived yet. It’s been a week since CAYA said they would send it (from Nanaimo), and now the telephone answering device isn’t working properly. Oh well, I am patient. Eventually, all things will work.

I mostly read on Tuesday, and I had a small fire going. The highlight of the day was Zooming with my LGBTQ+ stuttering group. It was a great session.

Today is like yesterday. It’s 14° and overcast, but it is predicted to clear later today, and the weather is supposed to be good while I am in Victoria. I’ll do the monologue a couple of times today, but mostly I’ll be reading, lazing, eating and watching a movie tonight. I've several things to do around here before I got to Victoria as well.

My life is mighty dull, but I love it. 

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