Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Techno Hell

Techno hell absolutely destroyed my morning yesterday.

My bank (Vancity) had a verification step that I had never encountered before. It asked for a code and there was a “call” button for me to push. I pushed it, but nothing happened, so I called Vancity for help. There were so many questions from their end, I ran out of voice and started seizing after ‘talking’ with them for 15 minutes or more.

So, I went next door to get Dave so he could speak for me. That led to us discovering that the problem was that I have call control. After 10 minutes trying to figure out how to turn Call Control off on my phone, I managed to authenticate myself and gain access to my bank account. Now Call Control is back on.

The other technical problem I had yesterday morning was with my brand new iPad. I arranged for a Zoom call with Chris, the CAYA technical person and with his help I was able to prove that my keyboard is not working and it’s not working because the charger is not working. CAYA is sending me a new iPad today. I hope to get it this week. Nothing seems simple anymore.

The good news of the day was Sheba. She is all clean and groomed and is gorgeous. When she was clipped, her haircut revealed a large nasty abrasion on the top of her foot. (In the past it’s always been her pads that became sore.) I cleaned and bandaged the wound, and she was fine with my care, and she did not remove the dressing. She is such a smart and wonderful dogger.

We went for a lovely afternoon walk, but not a long one. And then I went to the post office to pick up a parcel and some peaches. I am going to bake a peach tart today or tomorrow for the dinner I’m making for Kris, Steve and Nancy. They are coming for dinner on Friday.

Yesterday was gorgeous. It was a beautiful late Summer day, but I wasted it on all the techno and phone hassles except for out lovely late afternoon walk. I won’t waste today. I’m going to bake a tart and do some preparation for Bronwyn’s return on Friday. 

I got a letter from the hospital offering me a way to communicate with the asthma clinic. It was a very nice letter and it felt good to know how proactive the hospital can be. They were proud to offer me “and other neurodivergent people….” That’s a new descriptor to me: neurodivergent. I suppose this is a woke descriptor. I can’t keep up.

I’ve received the program for the Monologue Festival. There are five monologues, and one panel of the program (above) lists information about each one. As you can see, I am at the top of the list, perhaps because I am different in form from the others. I wouldn’t mind being first and getting it over with right off the bat. I also got my rehearsal and performance schedule. 

I got a surprise this morning when I rose. It rained during the night. I am thrilled. I don’t have to water all the gardens this morning. I can get right to baking the tart I want to serve at the dinner I’m hosting here on Friday night. I’m making a favourite: Tarte aux pĂȘches.

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