Tuesday, August 31, 2021

No More Wasteland

Monday morning's dog walk was lovely and cool for a change. We walked under cloudy skies and then I came home to water all my gardens—it takes forever! So, it was not until 1:00 that I was able to get back to schlepping soil—endlessly, schlepping soil!

I got the former wasteland covered; it’s now all ready for seeding. And I also got started on covering a modestly sized bare patch in the fruit tree area with soil. Now the entire backyard is now landscaped. I may seed on Friday as the weather on the weekend is predicted to be wet and warm.

I blame my pacemaker. Almost the entire Summer I did little garden work except watering. I preferred to read my days away—especially during the incredibly hot spell when temperatures reached 42°. Then, of course, came the heart attack and then two weeks of monitoring Sheba during her recovery. But since she’s been better, I’ve been working in the yard every day and most of each day. It’s great to have energy again.

Once I was done working for the day, I had a spa and then was on the couch with my book.

It’s quite cool and dark this morning and the forecast suggests the endless sunshine and heat is over. I’m sad that the long, long seasons of indoor life is upon us. I hope we get a lovely Indian Summer before the permanent damp chill sets in.

I’ll finish putting the soil on the second area and any remaining soil will go onto the beds in my edible garden. I’ll get the seed and fertilizer I need to seed both areas today and I’ll likely spread the seed on Thursday. Exciting, eh? (I’m being sarcastic.)

Chinese Chrysanthemum

Monday, August 30, 2021

Another Schlepping Day

It was hot and I am old, so the endless digging of soil to fill the wheelbarrow, over and over and over, got to my back and tuckered me out. Still, I loved working on such a beautiful day. As soon as I began, I wondered if I bought enough soil. I hope I did because this load was four hundred bucks. I hope I don’t have to buy more. The nursery has upped the price of a yard of soil and the delivery charges.

While I worked, I kept looking forward to a spa at the end of the day, dinner and then watching TV on the couch. And, of course, I worried about not having enough soil. I rested after every five barrows full and got a great start on covering the former wasteland with a nice thick blanket of fresh new soil. 

After doing fifteen barrows full, I was beat, but more optimistic about having enough soil to do the job. I took a break and then resolved to do another five barrows full for the day’s quota. As I returned to work, the sun moved west and afforded me some shade when filling barrows eleven to twenty. I was very glad for the shade; the air temperature was 27° and it was very hot in the sun.

I stopped working at 3:30 and then took Her Highness for an afternoon walk. It was too hot for her and so our walk was short. When we got home, she hit the bed to rest, and I had a spa and then got comfortable on the chaise with my book. I love productive days like yesterday because I have a guilt-free evening in front of the TV feeling very satisfied with myself. 

I’ll finish the wasteland area today, and I’m certain that I’ll not only have enough soil—I may even enough to seed another area that I’ve cleaned and thought to leave naked soil. Bonus! And it’s cloudy, so there’ll be no overheating on my part today. 

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Soil Moving Day 1

Saturday started with a short walk with Her Highness, followed by a quick trip into the village for some groceries before getting back to work on the wasteland. I worked diligently, taking breaks regularly as I am an old man now and tire easily. But I got it done. There is no more wasteland, just a nice clean open area of very dry dirt.

I ordered the topsoil, and it came right away. Now I’m ready for the shovelling and schlepping of the soil before seeding it when the rain returns. It’s a beautiful late Summer day today. It’s lovely and warm this morning; the air is fragrant and still. This morning’s large community dog walk was a delight, now I’m home to start spreading the soil on the earthy void.

It’s been sunny almost every day of the past three months. We’ve had four cloudy days and there was angel piss on three of them, otherwise it’s been very sunny and dry and there’s no change in the weather in sight. And so, while it’s still so nice, I’ve decided to go to Victoria to see Jess and Todd on Wednesday or Thursday. I like road trips that aren’t built around errands, so I’ll enjoy going down the city and back in the sunshine and with Her Highness. I love stopping at parks along the way.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

In Nanaimo

I haven’t had a seizure in months, and I can go anywhere on Gabriola and be fluent. When I go to the big island, I am mute in many situations.

When I was very young, I had the impression, (who knows why!) that schizophrenia meant having a split personality. There were many movies and television shows, wherein a villain had a split personality. That’s how I feel: There’s me with symptoms and me without; there’s me on Gabriola, there’s me anywhere else.

I have visitors coming: Paula, Steve and Beth and Shari together. My symptoms tend to come out when visitors come, just like when I’m off Gabriola. All my friends know that, and they all are fine with me however I present. 

Once, my FND took over my entire life. But now, over five years of living with it, FND is not in my life very much, and when it is, it’s a trifle of what it was. Five years! Now I feel that it is a minor problem. I’m fluent most of the time, and more in control of myself. Frankly, compared to FND, a heart attack is nothing.

Sheba had a rough day. I took her for lots of walks between errands, and each errand was short. But she could not relax, so when we got home, she crashed. I was capable of nothing once back at home except crash on the couch and wait for fatigue to lure me to my bed.

When I got home, I felt as though being in a loving mother’s arms. Sheba went to bed, and the cats joined me on the couch. Then, one of the best parts of every day: Getting into bed. Sheba always comes and curls up against me; we spoon, and through the night she moves from close and snuggly, to the foot of the bed on her own. Back and forth through the night and I love every second of it. And I love, in the morning, lying there awake for a while, and the cats often join us. That’s my sex life.

What I learned in Nanaimo at the clinic: My heart is working well 90% of the time. My pacemaker is only needed 10% of the time, so the battery will last fifteen years! All of this is excellent news.