Tuesday, August 31, 2021

No More Wasteland

Monday morning's dog walk was lovely and cool for a change. We walked under cloudy skies and then I came home to water all my gardens—it takes forever! So, it was not until 1:00 that I was able to get back to schlepping soil—endlessly, schlepping soil!

I got the former wasteland covered; it’s now all ready for seeding. And I also got started on covering a modestly sized bare patch in the fruit tree area with soil. Now the entire backyard is now landscaped. I may seed on Friday as the weather on the weekend is predicted to be wet and warm.

I blame my pacemaker. Almost the entire Summer I did little garden work except watering. I preferred to read my days away—especially during the incredibly hot spell when temperatures reached 42°. Then, of course, came the heart attack and then two weeks of monitoring Sheba during her recovery. But since she’s been better, I’ve been working in the yard every day and most of each day. It’s great to have energy again.

Once I was done working for the day, I had a spa and then was on the couch with my book.

It’s quite cool and dark this morning and the forecast suggests the endless sunshine and heat is over. I’m sad that the long, long seasons of indoor life is upon us. I hope we get a lovely Indian Summer before the permanent damp chill sets in.

I’ll finish putting the soil on the second area and any remaining soil will go onto the beds in my edible garden. I’ll get the seed and fertilizer I need to seed both areas today and I’ll likely spread the seed on Thursday. Exciting, eh? (I’m being sarcastic.)

Chinese Chrysanthemum

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