Sunday, August 22, 2021

A Busy Day

Yesterday was beautiful! It was sunny, clear, bright and a very comfortable 22°. The good weather drew me outdoors to do yard work most of the day; on my breaks, I made a delicious Caesar dressing (thank you for the recipe Susan Mendelson), a big batch of super buttery and garlicy croutons for the salad I’m serving tonight, and I prepped all my Plumbs, halving them and sprinkling them with spices to ‘marinade’ before I baked a Plumb cake in the evening.

Plus, I thoroughly watered all my gardens. It was a busy active day—all day long. My reward will be a delicious dinner tonight with Stacy. Up at 5:00, I worked non-stop until 6:00 at night. Man, I was pooped by the time I slipped into the spa before making my dinner.

Today I’ll make the Prawn risotto, bake some almonds to sprinkle on the Brocoli, and I’ll clean/tidy up the house. I’ll also tidy up the deck where we’ll likely eat. I also hope to have some time to relax today, and to do some reading so that I am relaxed for Stacy’s visit.

But the day will begin with the big community dog walk that I enjoy so, so much. I love all the dogs and many of the owners. It’s such a great part of my week, the Sunday morning walk. It’ll be a comfortable walk because it’s a refreshing 17° and cloudy.

I’ve been thinking about the blackouts during wartime. My neighbour, Mr. Jackson, used to tell me about his family’s experiences during the war. He was charged with ensuring all the window shades were tight against the window frames so that absolutely no light escaped from their home during the blackouts.

I wonder how compulsory blackouts would fare today. The refusal of so many to vaccinate makes me wonder if blackouts were required today, would everyone comply? And now, in many areas of the American southwest, people are living with severe water restrictions. But will everyone comply? I have my doubts.

I hate living with the perspective I have of humanity. I think we are a dreadful species as a collective. I have no respect for politicians or our political system. I feel all religions are, like political parties, more intent on their power than their ideals. It all makes me very happy that I live here ignoring the world as much as I can.

Sometimes I think my neurological condition is a blessing.

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