Saturday, August 21, 2021

Prednisone: Gone!

I’m surprised by how well I’m doing. I’m speaking well on the phone and in the village when I go shopping. It’s been five weeks that I’ve been home from hospital, and I’ve been here and alone ever since, with the odd visit with friends—largely my dog walks. There’s no denying the value of staying home when it comes to controlling my neurological symptoms. Pinecone Park is the place for me.

After the dog walk yesterday morning, I didn’t feel like working on the wasteland. Stacy was with us on the walk and she’s going to come for dinner on Sunday, so I decided to choose my menu and then to go shopping to avoid being in the market on the weekend which is always a zoo. 

Get this: I decided to make Prawn risotto. When I got to the village and parked in the Nester’s lot, I saw a truck parked out on the road and he was selling fresh Prawns—fresh from Ucluelet! He didn’t have shrimps with heads on, and so I was disappointed. I like to boil the skins and heads to make Prawn broth.

Once that was done, I went chose a new book to read and settled down on my chaise longue for some down time before going to the vet in the mid-afternoon. I chose my book, started reading and fell asleep. I felt very tired; perhaps that’s why I didn’t want to do yard work. 

And YAY! She’s off prednisone. It’s over! And she’s now on Zink that will help her paws strengthen. Thomas advised me that this may happen again—particularly during Summers, but now we know what to do. In the evening, the clouds grew dark; it cooled the moist still air. 

So … Stacy is coming for dinner on Sunday—the risotto. And Dwight is hinting he’ll be here before the end of the month. Steve comes for five days in early September, and Beth and Shari come in October. Reservations are picking up at Pinecone Park. 

I’m glad. I think it’s important to be somewhat social as I am alone so much of my time. I have no symptoms when I’m alone. In company, they come out. But that’s the way it is and no one cares except me. It’s a great guest list I’ve got coming!

Today, I hope to muster the energy and desire to resume work on the wasteland. It’s cloudy this morning and I prefer to do yard work on sunny days; I’ll see how things go. I’ve also got to bake a plumb cake for tomorrow night. 

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