Monday, August 2, 2021

Still Hot and Muggy

We’re in for another hot and sunny day. Three more days of this until we’re predicted to have rain for two days. Real rain? I doubt it. But at least clouds and respite for the gardens. It’s humid., as well. Doing nothing makes me sweat. I change t-shirts often through the day.

This morning, I am going to take Sheba to join our little walking group, perhaps not to do the whole walk, but at least to get something normal back in her life. She loves her pack, so it might do her some good. The rest of the day will be like every day of the past two weeks: I watch her like a hawk to ensure there’s no more self-harming.

Otherwise, it’ll be watering (of course) and reading. My supervision of Her Highness will be constant, for tomorrow we see the vet again and she may have (very minor) surgery to see if there’s any Spear Grass in her foot.

And the days keep going by. Empty leisurely days pass easily and pleasantly. Thank God I’m not prone to loneliness, depression or boredom. I do just fine, thank you, on my own. But if we can bring some healing to Sheba, I am keen for some Vancouver Island adventures with her.

Finally, my swollen left arm is thinning down. I’m grateful for that. But my blood pressure is not what it should be. I’ll have records to take with me at the end of the month when I go to the pacemaker clinic where I hope to get some advice about how to lower it. 

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