Sunday, August 15, 2021

Photos from Pinecone Park

Saturday began with a short walk for Her Highness, and then I got to work on ridding the front yard of all its cones. It was pleasant work at the temperature was only 20° when I started. I’ve plenty of work to keep my busy for weeks, including finishing clearing the wasteland near the new fence and gate.

But I tired easily, probably because Friday was a non-stop day. However, I persevered, picking up Sheba poop and all the cones. And, of course, I had to thoroughly water all the gardens as this endless drought continues.

Tomorrow, however, rain is predicted. I have my doubts. We’ll see, but it would be wonderful if it did. Right now, at 6:30 on Sunday morning, it’s 13° and it’s positively thrilling to be outside and so wonderfully comfortable.

I’m going on the big community dog walk and then I have some planting to do of all the new ground cover I bought the other day. I also may do some cleaning up of the gardens if it doesn’t get too hot. Once the gardens are clean, I can go back to tilling the wasteland and getting it ready for seeding.

Yesterday I took some photos around the yard. Here they are:

This corn silk is gorgeous!

One of my many Hydrangeas.

My fountain, (empty) birdbath and that dish on
the pedestal is for bees.

The curtain on my studio door to prevent birds
from flying against the glass.

More Hydrangea.

More Hydrangea.

My herb garden is thriving.


There were four Ferns here when I moved it. Now
my Fern garden is full of them.

My back door/deck is where I live in Summer.

You can see where my gate will go tomorrow. The richly
coloured fence panels are the new ones.

Even with all the grass dead, I love how 'clean' and
inviting my backyard looks.

My courtyard.

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