Monday, August 16, 2021

FND Ambition

I absolutely love Stevie Wonder and his music.

Sunday morning was wonderful because it was such an acceptable temperature. I moved all the wood from the old fence out of the backyard and into a woodshed I don’t use. That allowed me to continue the tilling of the wasteland. Today, the gate goes up and it makes the wasteland area look so much more attractive.

I got home from the walk early enough to connect with my stuttering group Zoom call. It was great to see them. I told them about the doctor who made assumptions about me due to my speech and seizures and they were adamant that I follow up with the doctor and hospital as a way of educating them about non-pathological illnesses.

By noon yesterday, clouds had rolled in, and the day stayed refreshingly cool. They gave me hope that we would, in fact, get rain today. But I’m still doubtful. This morning there is complete cloud cover but so far, no rain.

I’m going on the dog walk and then coming home to work on the wasteland or to read the day away. But … I have done something good! I have written to the Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) support group in the UK where FND is far better understood and where there is lots of support for people with the disorder, to ask how they found people with FND and how they got them organized and into a support group. I want to try to get such an organization working in Canada.

And finally, the gate goes up today. In my dull little world, this is exciting.

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