Saturday, August 7, 2021

Back to Normal

Sheba is asleep peacefully on the cool floor. Once the cone was off yesterday, she’s been walking, jumping, and humping my leg just like the old days. This morning, we’re going to go for one of our favourite walks and tomorrow we’re going on the community walk. I feel so much lighter—we both do, I reckon.

Martin, the vet, was amazed at how quickly and how well her feet had healed. To him, it proved his diagnosis of an immune disorder; he attributed the quick recovery to the prednisone. I’m so, so glad to not only have a healthy dog again, but also that we may have no further problems because the plan is to keep her on a mild dose of prednisone.

We took the cone off at the vet’s place. Since then, I’ve been obsessively monitoring her. So far, I haven’t seen any inclination on her part to chew her feet. Now starts the very slow wean off prednisone. Ultimately, she will stay on half a pill every second day—and thank God for that, because every second night I will be able to sleep through. Prednisone makes her drink and pee constantly.

Last night we had rain, and it’s only 15° outside this morning! We didn’t get much rain, but this morning the air smells so fresh and I don’t have to water the gardens today. Both today and tomorrow may see some more light showers before we return to another stretch of sunshine and high temperatures.

Today will be a reading and walking day. It’s a nice cool day to stay indoors and to chill. 

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