Thursday, August 19, 2021

Techno Hell

I had to renew my Internet and cable contract with Shaw, and with the renewal came new equipment that arrived by post yesterday. I also received an email from Shaw with links to help me hook up the new devices. Well, the information page on setting up the new equipment required that I first click on the right device. Each one is named on the website, but the new equipment bore absolutely no identification. I had to call Shaw to find out which icon to click on for the instructions I needed to follow. I used to be a technical writer and I worked for companies like Shaw on customer communications, and let me tell you, Shaw’s writers are woefully incompetent. 

I had to call for assistance three times! The first Shaw helper directed me on how to connect my video recorder to the cable outlet and TV. I followed her instructions, but the TV wasn’t working. The second Shaw helper was theworst assistant going. It was like I’d woken her up. I politely got rid of her and hung up, rather than deal with her weary indifference. The third Shaw helper was awesome; he was the one who thought things through and suggested that the HDMI cable might be in the wrong slot.

The whole procedure was highly stressful for me. Thank God it only happens every two years. What a nightmare! However, all is working well now.

And Sheba is looking gorgeous with her new haircut and so, so clean­—even ‘back there.’ She was jubilant on our walks; I’m thrilled to see her behaving so happily. She’s fully back to normal, so our afternoon walk was a delight. There was a nice fresh breeze to keep us warm as we walked through the dying forest. The trees are fine, but all the Ferns, Salal and grasses are dead dry and there’s still no rain in the forecast.

We’ll walk soon and then I’ll be working on the wasteland.


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