Sunday, August 29, 2021

Soil Moving Day 1

Saturday started with a short walk with Her Highness, followed by a quick trip into the village for some groceries before getting back to work on the wasteland. I worked diligently, taking breaks regularly as I am an old man now and tire easily. But I got it done. There is no more wasteland, just a nice clean open area of very dry dirt.

I ordered the topsoil, and it came right away. Now I’m ready for the shovelling and schlepping of the soil before seeding it when the rain returns. It’s a beautiful late Summer day today. It’s lovely and warm this morning; the air is fragrant and still. This morning’s large community dog walk was a delight, now I’m home to start spreading the soil on the earthy void.

It’s been sunny almost every day of the past three months. We’ve had four cloudy days and there was angel piss on three of them, otherwise it’s been very sunny and dry and there’s no change in the weather in sight. And so, while it’s still so nice, I’ve decided to go to Victoria to see Jess and Todd on Wednesday or Thursday. I like road trips that aren’t built around errands, so I’ll enjoy going down the city and back in the sunshine and with Her Highness. I love stopping at parks along the way.

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