Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Back to the Garden

I always loved the exotic original music that was part of every Cirque du
Soleil show. This artist's music reminds me of the Cirque musical sensibility.
This is Lido Pimienta's 'Eso Que Tu Haces.'

Just as we were finishing our walk yesterday morning, angel piss started falling. It did not last long, but at least there was a slight moistening of the soil everywhere. When I got home, Darrell had installed the gates and the pissing stopped. I decided not to work in the yard, but to go shopping and come home to read instead.

Two things I love about Summer rain is going to sleep when it is raining and how it makes me content to idle my day away indoors. I got started on a new and lovely light novel. It was a wonderful gentle day.

It didn’t rain all day, but there were another few moments of angel piss not long after the sun set. It was great to have a day off from watering. I went to bed in a cool room and Sheba was clearly delighted to be more comfortable. Two more days till her haircut; tomorrow is her first day without prednisone; we start on half a pill every second day until Friday when we see the vet again.

I’m thrilled with the new gate. It’s eight feet wide of crossed hatched timber. I get quite an open view of Leo’s and Merrill’s backyard. It makes manifest the trust and affection we share. I’m very proud of our friendship gate.

The sunshine has returned this morning. I’ll be out working in the garden today is very reasonable temperatures. And today is Sheba’s first day without any prednisone. She gets ½ a pill tomorrow and then not again until Friday when we return to the vet.

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