Monday, May 31, 2021

Just Another Day

Sunday was icky; we had angel piss all morning and an overcast afternoon. I had a dull headache and felt tired through the day. I read, I did a little—very little—weeding, and walked Her Highness. When it came time for our afternoon walk, it was warm, humid and silent in the forest. Mother nature was breathing out; mist rising off everything green during brief, hot periods of sunlight.

By the end of the walk, my ennui had lifted. Being in Mother’s green arms made me feel deeply happy. And I thank Sheba for being in my life because it’s for her I get my ass in gear and walk twice a day.

 I slouched on the couch all evening, looking forward to today. And the day has dawned bright and clear, so I expect to be working on the roof today and having something constructive to do all day pleases me. I want the days to fly by this week because Todd and Jessica are coming here on Saturday for an overnight visit.

The weather forecast has changed from endless gorgeousness to stupendous tomorrow and then dull, dark and boring henceforth after that. Sigh. But … the charcuterie that I ordered from Tofino should arrive later today and that’ll give me something to enjoy through the week. And of course, there’s all my new books.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Walk Photos

It hurts to look at the photo above! It was taken here in BC. Imagine how long it took to grow a tree so large that only it will fit on a logging truck. Shame on those who cut this beauty down!

Yesterday I did some edging, watering and weeding, and Her Highness and I got in some beautiful walks (see below). Plus, I got well over half of the front yard side of the roof of the house clean. It’s a lot easier to access than the back yard side. I loved every minute of doing the work, but my body was aching when I was done.

Kevin and Shelly and I had a nice evening eating outdoors, but we couldn’t get the propane heater going, so we came inside for the last of our time together. Kevin doesn’t know of a propane repair person on the island, either. Sigh.

I wrote about how weird it’s been to lose Patsy due to her passing via physician assisted death (MAID). Last night it got weirder because Shelly, who works at the local pharmacy, helped prepare the chemicals for the doctor who came to be with Patsy when she died. 

Today is dull. There’s even been some angel piss already. No roof work today! Damn. Dull days go slowly.

I love these oases of open space and light in the forest.

Everything is so lush and green right now. I adore Spring.

This is a huge grove of Nettles. They are a meter and a half high.

Someone put these little Gnomes homes in the
dent in the GIANT Maple tree that you can 
see below.

When I got home, I took the photos below of Pinecone Park.

The front yard. That's a spindly Paulownia tree in the foreground.
All that you see below the leaves is last year's growth.

This is this year's growth so far; it will likely
double in size this year.

The edible garden. Four raised beds. Herbs in the front.

The garden I put between the trees.

The Fern garden. The big clump of dark Frens was here when
I moved in. All the other ones I planted.

The back deck where we ate last night.

The back yard. Nothing you see was here when I moved in
except the trees and the brick circle under the lounge chair.
It was all rock, garbage, weeds and years & years of needles 
and cones.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Main Roof Con't

Friday morning began, as it always does, with a dog walk with my ladies. Yesterday, I had a treat in store for them. I took them on a new trail that took us under many enormous and brethakingly beautiful Maples. They loved the sights and my status as leader is secure. A quick trip to the village after our walk preceded my return to working in the yard. I love planting new foliage. My backyard, landscaped with no plan; it’s looking mighty pleasing now that I’ve planted my two new bushes.

Then I got back to work on the roof. It was a scary on the ladder because it was fully extended and felt unstable. Also, I had to use it on a too-steep incline so as not to ruin my Fern garden. By 1:30, I was totally exhausted. It felt like if I did more, I would break. I could barely lift the heavy broom; fully extended, it’s eight meters long, and the longer I make it to get the top of the roof, the heavier it feels. Eight meters!

I took a break at 1:30 and ordered myself a GPS device for my car. If I want to get out and about this Summer on the big island, I want a navigator.

Then I was back at it, and I finished the entire backyard side of the roof. Hoorah! Then I had to clean up all the shit on the ground, move the ladder and all my tools to the front yard for the work I’ll do today, and then I mowed the front lawn. 

I’ve now finished the one side of the house roof, both sides of the studio roof and one side of the shed roof. By the time I’d finished the lawn, I felt I’d earned my evening on the couch! No more Mr. Sissypants here.

Kevin and Shelly are coming to eat here tonight—and, perhaps, to play bocce.

My last guests were Jess and Todd in late September of last year. That was eight months ago, yet I’ve kept the place clean and tidy, and I’ve even rearranged the place—I’d go so far to say I’ve had an ah=ha moment of insight into what atmosphere I want in my home. In the past, I have always aimed to present my space at its ‘best.’ Clean, tidy and ordered. Now I have clean, tidy and comfortable.

As I’ve done my cleaning and rearranging, I started asking myself: Why are you cleaning? For whom? When I realized Covid meant no guests, I re-designed for me, and guests can adapt to my comfort configuration. I’m here full time and they’ll like the new layout, I know. And it’s the same with gardening. For whom, am I weeding all the gardens and cutting the lawns?

I love seeing my place looking good. They are always complimentary about my landscaping. I reckon they’ll notice my recent additions—they’re showy. It’s nice they encourage me, but my reaction to their compliments is nothing compared to the feeling I get when I go onto my back deck alone and ponder my good fortune. I think it’s beautiful. How can gardens amidst lawn not be gorgeous? 

I worked in the arts for nada. I pursued opportunities driven by the heart, not my wallet. I never had a lot of money, but I was content because I had enough. Near the end of my working life, I caught some financial good breaks, but I grew up considering myself a very modest player of capitalism. It positively gobsmacks me that I have three buildings set in a small park. I cannot believe I live in such splendor. 


Today is gorgeous. There’s not a cloud in the sky. I will start the street side of the house roof today and do a little tidying of the courtyard and deck in advance of Kevin and Shelly’s arrival for dinner.

It’s been too cool to be outside at night and be comfortable. I hope we can be outside tonight, but if it’s too cool we’ll move inside. 

Great news! I can register next week for my second Covid shot.