Friday, May 28, 2021

Just Another Day

I had a chat with my new neighbours who are moving into a trailer next door. As soon as they saw me arrive home from the village, they came over to say hello and rekindle a warmth that began three years ago when we spoke briefly when they bought the lot. I was glad to see them take the initiative to be friendly; it’s changed my feelings about having more neighbours.

Other than that experience, yesterday was uneventful. I read, napped and did domestic errands, but I did treat myself to some more plants for of the backyard. And I stopped by Kevin and Shelly’s to invite them to a barbeque here on Saturday night.

I watched The Disciple on Netflix and absolutely loved it, but it’s certainly not for everyone. It’s very understated and likely not of interest to those, unlike me, who don’t like classical Indian ragas. It is beautifully filmed and edited; it’s a very moody study of artistic devotion. The LA Times says this: “The Disciple, a movie you may not have heard of until now, happens to be one of the finest movies in this still-young year.”

Today, I’ll go into the village for barbeque supplies, plant the new bushes, mow my front lawn and I’m keen to do more roof cleaning so that I can return the ladders and ropes to Kevin. If I have time and am inclined, I’d also like to go to the nursery at the south end of the island to see what bushes they have in case there’s something there I could add to my backyard gardens.

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