Thursday, May 20, 2021

Roof Cleaning

I’ve been dreading this morning for over a month. At 8:00 am, I go into the dentist’s office to have a perfectly healthy molar extracted. It has no tooth below it, so it is slowly descending and ruining my bite. However, I have other things to look forward to: Paula may join me for dinner at the Firetruck food truck tomorrow night, and Kevin and Shelly are coming for a barbeque on the deck on Saturday night.

Mr. Sissypants is very proud of himself!

Last Winter I bought myself an extension rake so that I could clean my roofs. The rake cost me $100, but having the roofs cleaned by a service costs a minimum of $400. And yesterday afternoon I decided to open the box and assemble the rake and to try it on one side of my studio roof—the easiest one to clean.

The rake itself is fabulous but I was a little unhappy with the job the rake was doing. And this is why Mr. Sissypants is so happy and proud: I took the rake attachment off the wonderfully long and comfortable extension handle and then took my industrial broom apart and very professionally attached the broom attachment to the rake handle.

My adapted extension broom works much better than the rake. It does a fabulous job of the roof, and I could not be happier. Now I must carefully do the rest of the roofs (five more sides), and it ain’t gunna be easy to access them. I’m going to work slowly and patiently on this task over the next little while.

Eoin has introduced me to a mail order charcuterie that is based in Tofino, BC. He had an assortment of their saucisson sec (SS) at our last dinner together and they were all delicious. SS is one of my favourite snacks, so I am going to try to order several of them today. They made one version with Walnuts and Anis that was to-die-for good.

Today, I’ll be working on another roof side and doing some shopping and that’s about it. It’s another glorious day and such days are all that’s predicted for the next week or more.

I actually enjoy doing the roof cleaning. It surprises me. Perhaps it’s the challenge of doing something new and a bit challenging for an old man. It certainly is nice to look out my office window and see how much tidier Pinecone Park is with all the forest fall gone from the roofs.

I got something icky on the lens of my camera, so please excuse the blur on the left side of these photos:

This is one side of the studio roof. It's the one I've finished.

This is one side of the shed roof. I'll do it today.

Above and below is the other side of the studio roof. You can
see in these photos how dense the forest fall can be.

This is on side of the house roof and it's going to be a challenge
to do this because my ladder is likely not tall enough.

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