Sunday, May 30, 2021

Walk Photos

It hurts to look at the photo above! It was taken here in BC. Imagine how long it took to grow a tree so large that only it will fit on a logging truck. Shame on those who cut this beauty down!

Yesterday I did some edging, watering and weeding, and Her Highness and I got in some beautiful walks (see below). Plus, I got well over half of the front yard side of the roof of the house clean. It’s a lot easier to access than the back yard side. I loved every minute of doing the work, but my body was aching when I was done.

Kevin and Shelly and I had a nice evening eating outdoors, but we couldn’t get the propane heater going, so we came inside for the last of our time together. Kevin doesn’t know of a propane repair person on the island, either. Sigh.

I wrote about how weird it’s been to lose Patsy due to her passing via physician assisted death (MAID). Last night it got weirder because Shelly, who works at the local pharmacy, helped prepare the chemicals for the doctor who came to be with Patsy when she died. 

Today is dull. There’s even been some angel piss already. No roof work today! Damn. Dull days go slowly.

I love these oases of open space and light in the forest.

Everything is so lush and green right now. I adore Spring.

This is a huge grove of Nettles. They are a meter and a half high.

Someone put these little Gnomes homes in the
dent in the GIANT Maple tree that you can 
see below.

When I got home, I took the photos below of Pinecone Park.

The front yard. That's a spindly Paulownia tree in the foreground.
All that you see below the leaves is last year's growth.

This is this year's growth so far; it will likely
double in size this year.

The edible garden. Four raised beds. Herbs in the front.

The garden I put between the trees.

The Fern garden. The big clump of dark Frens was here when
I moved in. All the other ones I planted.

The back deck where we ate last night.

The back yard. Nothing you see was here when I moved in
except the trees and the brick circle under the lounge chair.
It was all rock, garbage, weeds and years & years of needles 
and cones.

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