Saturday, May 22, 2021

Getting Back to Gardening

There are some ‘feel good’ movies that I absolutely adore and that I watch every few years with glee. Movies such as Enchanted April, Waking Ned Divine, Seducing Doctor Lewis and Local Hero enthral me, and it looks like Dream Horse (trailer above) is another one for my list. Plus, It features two very talented actors: Damien Lewis and the awesome Toni Collette.

I bought four bags of soup from the market right after having my molar extracted. They are all disgusting; only one is swallowable. Although I’m more enthusiastic in the kitchen than skilled, every soup I’ve ever made has been delicious thanks to the recipes I followed. I am never ever going to buy soup again.

Friday was another gorgeous day, but it was a day for doing no yard work whatsoever. I desperately wanted to work on another roof, but I’m waiting until Monday to resume the work. I don’t want to have any trouble with the healing in my mouth.

After walking with my little group of fellow dog parents, I went into the village to get some of the soft food recommended by the dentist to get me through today and tomorrow. Come Monday, I can eat solid food carefully. I can hardly wait.

I ordered saucisson sec from Picnic Charcuterie in Tofino. It will arrive next week, and I can hardly wait. Other than that, all I did all day was think about solid food, ate soft runny food, regularly rinse my mouth with salty water and read. I’ve started a new book, a gift from Marsha, about a man and his two dogs.

I have 26 books on their way to me. I’m stocking up because I don’t read nearly as much in Summer as I do when I’m living all day indoors. I expect I’ll make more orders from the discount sites as Summer passes by so that I’m fully loaded for the Fall.

Today, I’m going to start getting back to normal. I had toast for breakfast this morning and later I’m going to do mild work around the yard, just to tidy things up because Shelly and Kevin are coming for a barbeque on my deck tonight. And I’ll water all the gardens; it’s going to be quite warm later today.

And speaking of gardens, my Fern garden is becoming a great source of pride. All the Ferns I planted took and some of them have flourished amazingly. All the Ferns are looking great, but a few have super-sized. It’s become a truly lovely garden.

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