Saturday, May 8, 2021

Forest Photos

Friday turned out much nicer than expected—all afternoon was clear skies and bright light. But it’s still rather cool. (As I write this post this morning, it’s 7° outside.) As I left for the dog walk yesterday morning, a brilliantly bright, shimmering scarlet Hummingbird came to drink and bathe in my fountain. Little things like the Hummingbird and the Groundcones enrich my life.

Lucky me! I got involved with my high school grad class as a volunteer when we decided to start having reunions, and as part of my work for them, I built a spreadsheet of contact information. Yesterday morning I remembered my work and opened the spreadsheet and found the contact information of my high school friend who recently proposed getting together on a note on my blog. So, I wrote him a card after my dog walk.

We went on two long walks yesterday and it was blissful. I felt so, so incredibly happy during my walks, and grateful for Sheba for imposing the twice-daily walking routine. I find so many things interesting and, even more importantly, beautiful. Nature is my church. Here are some phots of yesterday’s afternoon walkabout.

All through the forest, the moss pillows rocks and wood.

The way the moss lines the paths makes the
paths absolutely beautiful.

These are tiny blue flowers that carpet an open glade in the
forest not too far from my house.

Every time the trail opens into an open glade, my heart soars.

Some Oregon Grape leaves are shiny and scarlet.

(Above and below) Vanilla Leaves make a soft gentle sculptural
form along the paths. They grow in great abundance.

I love Ferns and all the new fronds are emerging.

Nettles are everywhere and so are collectors.

Oregon Grape blossoms.

Wild Blackberry vines are blooming.

Little Daisies are absolutely everywhere.

I don't know what this is. It's about 1.5 meters high and gorgeous.
Below is a look at the rigid stems.

These little purple flowers (above and  below) are so, so pretty.

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