Thursday, May 6, 2021

Yay Philly DA!

I watched episode three of Philly DA and I believe this is the best thing I’ve ever seen on television. It’s skewed to my bias, but alternate voices are eloquently present. I wept a couple of times over aspects of the show and balled at the end. Oh, were the people who’ve made this to go on with more filmmaking like this. I worship in the church of Larry Krasner, the most eloquent, knowledgeable, calm and effective advocate for sane judicial practices. Oh my God, what a man! And what a masterpiece is this docuseries!

I rearranged my living room again—a further refinement of what suits me, only me. Since no one is ever here, I’ve moved the chaise by the window. It’s something I should have done ages ago because the light is great for reading and I have a comfortable open view of my new front lawn and the street—plus, the windowsill serves as an excellent shelf. 

Wednesday began overcast and was, again, rather cool, but I arose in good spirits because my breathing is so much easier and painless; I still have sixteen days of antibiotics days to go.

We walked this morning, and then I came home to read on the chaise in its new position. Heaven. It’s a great read and so I’m happy. In the afternoon, the sun came out, so I mowed the last of the lawns, did some edging, took my recycling to our GIRO depot, and then took Sheba for some fetch-the-ball at Rollo Park—a park that’s been refurbished and will be excellent for Croquet soon. After that, I fertilized all the plants in my gardens. It felt very, very good to feed all my little gentle lovlies.

The better health I enjoy now, and the warmth of the afternoon had my spirits soaring. I am so, so in love with my home, my pets and my life here on Gabriola! It’s wonderful to feel so happy. Next week when I talk with Dr. Shoja, I’ll be bidding her adieu until a need arises again for her counsel.

In the evening, I lit candles and incense and had a truly blissful time watching Philly DA and snacking and taking pride in how good everything looks at Pinecone Park, both inside and out.

It’s overcast today and it may rain. I hope it does. I’ll be reading and doing some cooking today, and that’s about it.

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