Monday, May 24, 2021

The Painful Morning After

Edvard Greig’s Morning Mood suite developed from his incidental music for the play, Peer Gynt, makes me cry every time it takes me by surprise on the radio. My God, I love this music! Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

I was so keen on cleaning another side of a roof, I did one side of the shed before I took Her Highness for a walk. It kind of exhausted me, so the walk was a welcome respite.

My ‘come to Jesus’ moment occurred soon after I started. My trellis for the climbing Hydrangea and Rose meant I had to use the ladder to mount it and to work from a seated position on the trellis. Well, I got onto the trellis just fine, but then the ladder fell against the shed.

I decided to do the cleaning and worry about how to descend when I was done. When that time came, I was very nervous and vowed to wear my bicycle helmet to protect me if I were to fall onto the concrete paving stones that make up my courtyard. I tried to move the ladder with my feet but that didn’t work, so I carried most of my weight with my arms, holding on to the trellis and slowly got my feet onto the ladder. The trellis was jiggling and so was the ladder. I felt doomed, but somehow, with luck and determination, I got down.

Right after the walk, I had lunch and then I decided to try to get another side done. I chose the forest side of the studio roof as my next challenge, but before I got started, Kevin arrived with two extension ladders and two long ropes for me to use to make my work safer.

It’s exhausting work, but I have a perverse love for the doing of it. I truly enjoy all the tasks I must do like wood stacking and cleaning up forest fall. I like being active and I am proud to be self-reliant. Plus, I feel the work helps to keep me fit. 

But the second side of the studio roof was a bugger to do. I did it sitting on the apex of the roof, pushing all the detritus off the forest side. I had a rope to grab, just in case, that was tied to a tree, allowing me to kind of repel down one side of the roof to the ladder. The long broom is quite heavy; it takes decent force to work it. After four hours of diligent work, I was done and totally pooped.

The studio is finished, and the courtyard side of the shed is done! Full points for me! (The forest side of the shed and both sides of the house roof remain to be cleaned.)

Today has dawned painful and dark. My body aches from the work of yesterday—particularly my shoulders, arms, and wrists from working the heavy long broom. And there’s thick cloud. I hope it rains. I’ll limit the use of my painful arms to turning the pages of my book.

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