Sunday, May 9, 2021

Brunch Day!

Yesterday was just plain nasty. I coughed a lot through the day and felt like I was suffocating, so I went to bed at 8:30 last night and took an Atavan to ensure that I had a long, deep sleep. And it worked. I awoke today feeling much better.

This morning, at 10:00, I Zoom with my stuttering friends, then Jay is due at 10:45 to join me on a trip to Silva Bay at the south end of the island for an al fresco lunch from the new food truck operated by the island’s Woodfire restaurant. They are the best food makers on Gabriola, so I’m hoping Jay’s up for it today. He’s battling a Kidney stone, so I’ll see soon if he’s feeling up for our adventure.

I got an email from my friend, Dwayne, who’s a realtor and who’s planning to come to the island on Tuesday with a client. He’s asked if I’m receiving and, of course, I am. With bells on, I’d welcome him. He is a dear, dear friend whom I miss seeing.

It’s cloudy, cool and dull today. Not exactly the kind of day one wants in May. But Jay can make it for our lunch at Silva Bay; it will give some purpose to my day.

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