Saturday, May 15, 2021


I’m on a socializing spree! Thursday I was with Jane at Rathtreavor Park, and last evening Merrill, Leo and Issa came for a barbeque on my back deck. It was a joy to be outside with them when my backyard was looking so, so lovely and the weather was so good. And tonight, I’m going to Eoin and François’ place with Jay for cocktails and another barbeque. I feel so human and untroubled by my speech; everyone is quite used to my stuttering and it just doesn’t matter anymore.

When I accidently weed-whipped my beloved Paulownia Tree, I felt sick. I obsessed on my stupidity and had overwhelming regret over killing a tree. I really felt it and wish I didn’t; I had killed a friend. Or so I thought. But it hasn’t died—at it seems to be okay. Every time I look at it from now on, I’ll remember how I almost killed it. Paulownias have giant clusters of blue blossoms and I look forward to seeing it grow and bloom one day, large and lovely, bringing gorgeous scale to my house and front yard.

Today is another glorious day and I have no pressing duties. However, there’s always work needing doing, so. after I take Her Highness for a walk I’ll be clearing the part of my yard I call No Man’s Land. It’s a very dry and rough patch of land under trees that is proximate to Merrill and Leo’s land where I dumped a lot of huge branches that fell last Winter.

And once I’m done with that, I’ll start cleaning my roofs and gutters. It’s a job I’m dreading because it involves working on a ladder, but it must be done. And … once it’s done, I’ll have all major work for the season done. Once the roofs are clean, all I’ll have ahead of me for the Summer is weeding and watering.

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