Thursday, January 31, 2019

Another Eagle Has Landed

After a day of chillin’, I’m feeling human again. My “broken” brain can’t handle much any more. People use the term “overwhelmed” often. I did. But now that term has new meaning.
A couple of times since the onset of my condition, I have felt a deeply disturbing sense of being incapable of going on and I consider drastic action: I want to get rid of my pets, move and hide away from everyone and everything. “Overwhelming” is a term that has new, and frightening, meaning. It’s an intolerable feeling. I had that feeling just the other day and it takes a longtime to forget.
There’s been an Eagle in my front yard all morning and the neighbourhood is short one small animal. I can’t tell what it is or if it’s a pet or wild; it’s right across the street and the Eagle’s been eating it. As with the deer carcass, it is stunning to see these absolutely majestic birds so close. When the carcass became small enough, he flew away with it.
I’m thrilled that the solution for clearing out my hot tub has arrived already. I’ll treat and drain the spa again tomorrow and on Saturday morning another fresh 400 gallons of water arrives. Saturday night, I spa!
My first raised bed arrived and it’s a beauty. I can sit on the edges and plant and weed. I think it is gorgeous as well as practical. I can hardly wait to get the soil and get my Apple trees moved into the space.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Last night was really lovely.
I went into the village to pick up the pizzas at 5:30 and it was still light out and I felt very summery even though it’s Winter. I had the window open as I drove, savoring its fresh smell.
I felt so good knowing that Spring is coming and I suspect it will feel Spring-like early given the mildness of this season and last.
And this morning I woke up to a fungus-filled hot tub instead of a sparkling pristine tub of water, so now I wait for some kind of flushing product to arrive and then I have to administer it, drain the tub again and then buy another 400 gallons of water! Sheesh!
I’m floored by the demands of late and there are more ahead: I’ve to get the car tuned up, I’m on clean up duty when the arborists are here and then I’ve to mix all the soil to fill the new raised planters coming in tomorrow for my vegetable garden.
And there’s no spa in which to relax.
But today, I chill. 
I did good this morning. I took all the people on my little dog walking group two cookies in beautiful festive bags I had, tied with lovely red cloth ribbon covered in black polka dots. When we stopped, as we always do (in the same place) to give the dogs treats, I gave treats to the two-leggers.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

At Drumbeg Today


It seems like my February appointment with Dr. Shoja will not happen. She moved it and then, yesterday, she told me she had to move it again and I can’t accommodate this second change. But I’m not in a hurry to see her; I can wait. 
Today has bus, just like the past two days. I did editing—and its significant given the authors are not writers—from four am until ten this morning, then I went in to shop for tonight’s dinner with David. After that, the water I purchased arrived and I had to get busy cleaning the spa cover.
But I’m very excited about news from Scott, the arborist, and Darrel, my incredible handyman. Scott is coming next Thursday to fell four trees on my property as a beginning to opening up my yard to light. Then he’s going to negotiate the trimming of the Crown Land trees with the provincial arborist.
And Darrell is coming this Thursday with the first of my planters. He’ll be installing four more over the ensuing week and then I’ll be filling them with soil and preparing the beds for planting in April.
My body is aching from all the physical labour I’ve been doing. But as I move around my beloved isle I see plenty of other old bodies lugging wood and working hard on the land. I’m in good company here.
Now, I’m off to Drumbeg with Her Highness and then I’ll go into town for pizza to serve David for dinner. It’s a stunning night. It’s been sunny today and we’re having champagne before we eat. Yay! And tomorrow, I can spa again.