Thursday, January 3, 2019


Dianne’s visit was wonderful. 
After she left, at two in the afternoon, I went into the village to do some shopping and errands and then I came home to read and chill. I had dinner early and went to the couch to read and immediately fell asleep even though it was just six o’clock. So at seven, I went to bed.  I was too pooped to function.
It’s raining this morning but the patch Darryl made for the hole in my roof from (caused by a falling branch during the storm) is not leaking. Yay.  
North Road is one of the principal roads on Gabriola. I get to it by going from my house to Buttercup Road; Buttercup takes me to North Road. 
Where Buttercup meets North Road, it passes through two large pastures. I love the pastures. They let in the light and expose the sky so I can see the weather; they are beautiful pastoral landscapes. One is cleared and full of tall grasses; the other is wild, as though it has been left untouched for several years and both attract the deer.
On Monday when I went into the village, I was startled to see a huge brown-feathered Eagle on the ground right behind the fence of the grassland pasture. I stopped to look at it and was absolutely amazed. I was sure it was a young one.
When I came home the dark-feathered Eagle had been replaced by a resplendent fully mature Bald Eagle. Clearly, there was a carcass of something just inside the fence.
All week, each time I pass the spot, one or both of the Eagles are there and so are several massive Ravens. And now I can see the rib cage of the deer or whatever it is. It’s a big carcass.
I can stop my car and watch them as they eat and I get to see the interplay between the two species as well. To be able to watch the birds so closely is truly an extraordinary experience—and to be doing so just a few hundred meters from my house makes it even more amazing. Yay Gabriola!  

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