Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Arborists Confirmed! Yay!

Monday went really we. But poor Sheba spent a lot of time in the car because “an animal control officer busted “us” early in the morning when we were walking in the cemetery off leash. He gave me a leash and was very kind.
I met Jane and Dana for lunch. That was the best part of the day. But I do enjoy driving the Jetta I got as a convenience car. I got some bulk shopping done too and will do more when I go back to get my car in a few days.
I just missed the ferry on the way back. But it doesn’t bother me at all if it’s not raining as it wasn’t yesterday. Sheba and I went for a walk. But it felt delicious to come home. The house was cold, so I lit a huge fire and even turned on the heat in my bedroom for a while. But I really warmed up by getting into the spa.
(No seizures, either. Not even close.)
I’ve agreed to do more editing for the arts council and have surrendered “control” of the self-portrait project in order to devote myself to the editing. Last night, the arts council had a meeting and discussed the roll-out of the show without me (and I am fine [!] with that.)
More sunny and mild weather is on the way. Three days of it is predicted to begin on Friday. This second month of Winter is continuing the gentle trend of Autumn and last month. My hopes for a snowless and ever-mild winter still live.
But today sucks. It’s wet and cool. I’ll walk with H.H. and then see what happens. I heard from the arborists! I'm jubilant! They will come by this week to talk about things they can do to increase the amount of sun I get in my backyard.  

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