Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Arborist Day

Above is my friend Niki in costume as Dolly Levi in the upcoming Arts Club production of The Matchmaker.The cast includes other former colleagues whom I haven’t seen in ages: Nora McLellan, Ric Reid and Deborah Williams. It’s a huge show and I’m going to try to see it. I think Niki looks absolutely fabulous in this shot. Look at the lines and cuts in that dress!
Tuesday morning the tiny rain droplets billowed like smoke in the wind. “Waves” of water blew across the landscape in a forest glade; the sheets of mist, like sheets blowing in the wind, looked blue against the green/yellow landscape. I stood awed by what I saw; there is beauty here every day, no matter what the conditions.
It wasn’t cold so we played fetch, H.H. and I, and she’s getting better and better at it. Not that I care, really. But the playing is good for us both and gives her lots of exercise.
The afternoon walk was just as good … and just as wet. I loved walking in the warm moist air, grateful for every Winter day that isn’t cold.
And then, thanks to Dana, I watched The Favourite. What a delicious movie! It’s intimate, like a stage play. There are only really three characters (female) plus some very minor male incidentals. But the costumes and the lushness of the sets created a banquet of colour and texture—and hair. What fun!
Today starts with a community dog walk and this afternoon, Scott, the arborist, comes to give me an idea of what’s possible as far as opening up the canopy here—and the cost.
I volunteered for Cultivatelast year. It’s the summer performing arts festival here and the arts council is hosting a “happy hour” this Thursday for “lead” volunteers for last year as they gear-up for this year’s festival. I’ve decided not to go; I’ll just billet guest artists instead.

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