Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Big Clean

Sunshine filled the Saturday morning sky, so I started the day with a soak in the spa. Then, after our walk, Sheba kept me company in the yard while I burned wheelbarrows full of storm detritus and swept the courtyard. My backyard is starting to look good again.
I work slowly compared to the man I’ve been all my life. I have a gripper—a hand tool that I use to pick things up, one at a time, instead of bending over. It’s monotonous work but it’s tremendously satisfying to see a smooth landscape emerge from under the branches and pinecones.
The smell of the fresh twigs and needles burning created forest incense. I enjoyed blissful peace of mind from being outdoors. It still feels rather miraculous to me that I have my own yard so I can be outdoors and undisturbed.
I was nice and warm while I worked. In the afternoon, Patsy dropped by. I was glad to have a excuse to stop working; we had a nice chat and tea. And in the evening I binge watched Watership Downon on Netflix and I quite loved it.
Today is the big community walk. I can hardly wait to get back into the yard afterwards. It’s going to be warm and bright and it’s going to be wonderful to have a yard again in which I can walk. 
My garden looks dreadful right now. It’s shattering because I’m new to this. There’s nothing where all my Hostas will return and some of my Rhodos have died. There just isn’t enough light in some areas so I’ve made a not to call the tree people to see if and when they can come to trim some of my peripheral spires.

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