Saturday, January 19, 2019

Vegetable Seeds Ordered

It’s 4:30 am as I write this, it’s 10° and the stars are blazing through clear skies. What a great day today will be! I’ll start with a spa and then Sheba and I will go all the way to Drumbeg this morning to celebrate the beauty of the day.
I get so much energy from the sunshine. I’m stoked about getting out there and making my yard as lovely to look at as I can. 
I’ve got half an acre and I’ve attended to roughly sixty percent of it. I’ve fenced the yard, built the courtyard, laid a lawn and gardens in the front yard and built the vegetable garden on the west side. The rest is “raw.”
I’m going to clean up the “raw” part. 
I want to lay the rest of the backyard to seed, but I need to do some tree trimming first and I’m having a rough time finding an arborist willing to do the work. Slow and steady, that’s the plan. I’ll persevere.
Later this afternoon, I’ll go into the village to get pizzas for Patsy’s visit tonight. She’s coming over for supper.
My buddy Dwight is having surgery next month and so he’s taking a good chunk of time off work. We talked last night and he said, for the second time, that he’s planning to come here for some R&R whilst he recovers. 
I ordered seeds for my vegetable garden and a king’s ransom worth of chocolate. 
The only Canadian supplier of Pralus chocolate closed down. I found an importer in the US and got some shipped to Steve who forwarded them to me a while back. But this morning I found a supplier in Oregon who will ship to Canada.
I live in a forest on an island in the Salish Sea but I want for nothing. I get the world’s foremost olive oil and he chocolate I crave delivered right to my home, thanks to the Internet. 

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