Friday, January 25, 2019

A Wonderful Lunch

Sheba and I left here together in the dark Thursday morning, just after 6:30 am. We went to get into the ferry lineup. I got my car and then went to the supermarket and was thrilled to be able to put my purchases into the trunk of the car.
We got back and I refreshed the fire before we left to go to Fran├žois’ and Eoin’s place for lunch. 
They are renting a waterfront cabin whilst they build their new home. They rental home is long and low along the coast and the whole wall facing the water is glass and has a nice wood stove. They look over a small private cove they share with three neighbours. It’s gorgeous. I can hardly wait to see it in warm and sunny weather.
After lunch we went for a walk to two beaches I have never seen before. That was fun. And on the way home I passed a flock of wild peacocks and peahens and saw a huge mature bald eagle wading in a stream.
And then, after all that, I came home exhausted, built up the fire and chilled the rest of the day and evening away.
Wide Chris with Walnut, one of two Whippets that belong
to Fran├žoise and Eoin. I love both puppies to bits.

This morning began with an email to my colleagues on the Self-Portrait project.
I got an email from the arts council’s program director asking me for an article about the Self-Portrait (S-F) project for inclusion in an important brochure they are printing for wide circulation on the island. I couldn’t answer his questions or provide the things he wanted because I’m in the dark about what the board decided to do with the project at their board meeting last Monday night.
I’ve been “driving” the project with my colleagues, keeping everyone informed. I “drove” it by planning everything together on Google docs and via emails copied to everyone.
But at the last fundraising committee meeting, my marketing plans were roundly rejected. My colleagues said they knew better what to do on Gabriola and that they would take our project to last Monday night’s board meeting to work out the final details of our planning with staff. Since then, I’ve heard nothing.
Arts council staff also asked this week if I would do considerable editing for upcoming publications and for some deliverables about the S-F project. I said yes to the editing. I did it last year and enjoyed doing it. It’s a concentrated week’s work. So this morning I wrote to the staff (copying my S-P colleagues) saying I’d do the editing but could not provide what they wanted about the S-P project because I’ve no idea what happened at last Monday’s meeting.
I’ve had to emotionally “let go” of the S-P project. I was prepared to bust my ass on it and lead it, but the board members on my committee prefer that they call all the shots henceforth. I don’t think they will achieve the same results I could have, but it’s their call. Besides, stepping back from the S-P project frees me up to focus on my life.
I’ve enjoyed my work with the arts council, and I’ll do more, but it’ll be at their request. But I reckon I'll avoid committee work. I continue to learn that I do best on my own.

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