Monday, January 21, 2019

Nanaimo / Tree Trimmers

I’m stoked! I heard from an arborist and so I’m on my way to a consultation with him. 
I’m truly thrilled by this development. It’s been very hard to find someone willing to do the work and the work is the portal to finishing the landscaping of my yard.
Tree trimming and felling work has to be done before o any transplanting and remedial work in my backyard—and the backyard is where I live all summer. The branches and tree sections do considerable damage to the yard when they fall. 
I plan to move my Apple trees to the southern half of my backyard where all the cut wood will fall. The arboreal work will open up the backyard; having more sunlight will be important for my new vegetable garden. Then, come Fall, I’ll lay the ground to seed under and around them.
In 2020, I’ll finish the northern half of the backyard. I’m considering installing a pond.
Zach, the arborist, was willing to come by today, but Sheba and I will be in Nanaimo. We’re taking my car in for repairs. Then, using a courtesy car, I’m going to The Bayto get my watch repaired and to have lunch with Jane and Dana. I’ll do some shopping and walk Her Highness in some local parks, as well. 
For stay-at-home father of three (pets), today is a big deal: And what a great day I’m going to have! The weather is going to be decent and I’m going to be floating all day on the good news that arborists are on the horizon. Plus I love Jane and Dana’s company. And when we get home, Sheba will be in a coma for the rest of the day and night.

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