Tuesday, January 1, 2019

And so Begins 2019

Oh what a beautiful morning it was yesterday! It was cold, but a glorious day for Dianne’s trip from Vancouver and our afternoon walk at Drumbeg. She arrived to a sparkling house and the delight of my menagerie (fresh smells) at 11:00 am. 
I kept the fire hot for her arrival and I cranked up the hot tub to 103°. We had a filling lunch after a nice glad-to-be-back-together chat, and then we went to Drumbeg.
I felt pretty “solid” all day. There were few seizures that were really short and my speech was really pretty good. But I crashed in the evening so we did not go to the neighbourhood party we’d planned on attending.
Instead, I cooked dinner on the barbeque. It’s my primary cooking mode now. But I ran out of gas but had a spare tank. We ate late (almost nine) and went to bed.
When I go to my post office box, a few blocks away, there’s usually junk mail, often a New Yorkeror other mail for me. Or there can be a key that opens one of the large communal boxes of various sizes wherein will be a package for me. Or there can be a notice to go to the post office to pick up a parcel that is too big for any of the boxes, requires a signature or requires a fee.  
Yesterday I got two notices about things to pick up at the post office anda parcel in one of the large community postal boxes. I absolutely love it when a parcel arrives. I order online a lot, so I’m never sure what is arriving so I’m, thrilled by the surprise of each delivery. 
I’m not certain what we’ll do today or if Dianne will want to come on my morning walk with Her Highness, but all will be revealed over breakfast. There’s a chance it will snow; it will likely rain; we’ll likely be passing the day indoors.
I’m enjoying a feeling of confidence. Everything is in good working order, even the pets. I’m “on top” of my emails, the laundry and all is in fine form in my home. I don’t think anything is better for my mental health than this feeling.
Winter is so easy! Last summer, I had a bad attitude for a while about watering my garden. Four months without rain and a lot of heat had me watering by hand for hours.
It was a summer of learning: I now know I have lots of well water even during a drought, I also know I need to get a sprinkler and mechanize my garden watering somehow because with the vegetable garden starting up this Spring will double the watering workload.
Like I said: Winter is a season of low demand—except when there’s a record-breaking windstorm—so it’s easy to feel on top of things. And I do!

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