Monday, January 28, 2019

Reunited, And It Feels So Good

Sunday and today have been intense. 
On Sunday compiled a 5,000-word document from data provided in two different sources of un-edited text. I added another seven hundred words this morning and then went to a meeting of the Self-Portrait committee—the committee that irked me slightly at our last meeting. 
I am realigned with the committee! I’m very happy about that, too, because I’d been really enjoying myself working with the committee. I brought up their treatment of me at the last meeting and reiterated my main concerns that were heard this time, understood and appreciated. We had a great meeting and we are having another in a week.
I proposed that to engage young people, to sound more inclusive, and to sound less “artistic” and intimidating I recommended we stop using the words “self-portrait” and replace them with “handmade selfie.” And they liked the idea! 
Before I went to the meeting, I put a couple of hoses into the hot tub and when I came home it was almost empty. I had to bail the rest by hand and wash the whole thing with bleach—being careful to clean in all the vents and filters. 
This afternoon, I had to re-jig all the graphics for the Handmade Selfie show and revise the instructions that are included in its kit. And I had to tidy up my place and clean up because David is coming for dinner tomorrow night.
And tomorrow is busy, too. I have to shop for dinner, I’ve a lot of editing to do and then David comes for dinner. Fresh water arrives tomorrow too. But by Wednesday morning, I’ll be back in the spa.

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