Saturday, January 5, 2019

Slow Saturday

It was wonderful to get a break from the Monsoon on Friday. There were several sunny periods that gave me the energy I needed to do errands around the house. And early in the evening, I had a hot tub looking up at the stars.
Darrell’s invoice for fixing my generator and the hole in my roof was $120! Imagine! He charges $30/hour for whatever he does and he can do everything needing doing around here. The guy is a Godsend.
I’m going to see Dwight here (or in Nanaimo) on Monday. That’s always good. And I may see him on Tuesday, as well. And that’s it until the end of March when I go to Vancouver. I’ll be spending almost three months alone except for some arts council meetings. 
That’s a long time without a visit but I have a task to fill my time: I’m going to get serious about making choices concerning my vegetable garden. I’ve got to decide what to plant and where I’m going to plant it (by height). And I’ve to order some seeds.
But I’m very excited about 2019. 
I’ve experienced all the seasons including a four-month drought and one dreadful storm and know I can cope with the extremes. Plus, I’ve established good relations with the dog-walking group and the arts council—and my pets have matured. I’m set for a great year.

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